Thursday, May 7, 2009

Possible release date for The Chameleon

Lucy Pearl from FanForum found a small new Emilie interview where she talk's about the Chameleon. The article says that the movie will get a December release. I don't know how reliable this info is though. You can read the interview below.

THE BIG SCREEN SCENE: Emilie de Ravin's next two big-screen outings -- the July 1 Johnny Depp-Christian Bale gangster picture, "Public Enemies," and the December release French film "The Chameleon" -- are a far cry from "Lost." But the latter definitely shares an out-of-the-ordinary quality with the series on which the beautiful actress rose to fame. Of "Chameleon" she says, "It's a very interesting story, based on a true story about this Frenchman, Frederic Bourdin, who is in his mid-thirties now, but since he was young he started impersonating fictitious teenage boys. This continued into his 30s. Not for any malicious reason, just that he wanted to be loved and accepted into a family situation. He did this all over the world." She notes that the movie "is based around the part of his story where he deceives a family in Baton Rouge. He had to pretend he was a real missing child because otherwise the authorities would have turned him in. It's a great cast -- Ellen Barkin, Nick Stahl … " and Marc-AndrĂ© Grondin as Bourdin.

Public Enemies at the Los Angeles Film Festival

Public Enemies is gonna premiere at the 15th Annual Los Angeles Film Festival. The festival takes place June 18th-June 26th. Let's hope Emilie attends the premiere!

Read more about the festival here!