Friday, June 29, 2007

Personal note

Hey guys!

I just got an e-mail that was rather negative. It basically said that EdRFan sucks and I should go to hell. The person who sent the e-mail also said that EdRFan can't win emilie-online and that I should just quit.

The reason why I am posting this is that I want to clarify some things. Firstly, please keep the criticism constructive. I don't want to hear how my site sucks. Even though this is just a blog, I've still worked hard for it.
Secondly, Im not competing with emilie-online. I love that site and visit it every day. It has a great gallery and a fanlisting and I encourage you all to visit it. I don't see why EdRFan and emilie-online should compete. We all love Emilie and I think that it is just a good thing that there is a new fan site for her. So please, don't feel like you have to choose between emilie-online and EdRFan. You can visit both :)

David Mushegain photoshoots

Yvonne at emilie-online has added two new photoshoot pictures of Emilie and Josh. The pics were taken by David Mushegain. I am not going to post these pics because I don't have them and have not found them anywhere. So posting them would be stealing. These pics belong to emilie-online and you should check them there. I just wanted to let you guys know of these pics if you don't already know.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

MMVA pics

Much Music Video Awards were held last Sunday and as you propably remember, Emilie was a presenter there. This naturally means that we have tons of new Emilie pics!
The pics below are from the actual event and from the Gift Lounge. Im sorry for not posting these earlier but I've been really busy. Because of that I also didn't have time to upload my own pics so these are from the great people at FanForum. Thank you very much jenna16 and divaduck! I hope you don't mind :)

The event:

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The gift lounge:
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Friday, June 15, 2007

'Ball Don't Lie'

I so hope this is true. According to Variety Emilie is gonna be in another film called Ball Don't Lie. That means two movies from Emilie next year(if this is released in 2008). How great is that!!

Here's the Variety article:

Ludacris, Emilie De Ravin and Nick Cannon are starring in the indie ensemble drama "Ball Don't Lie," produced by Michael Roiff.
Grayson T. Boucher is in the lead role as a teen basketball prodigy striving to deal with life on the streets.

Brin Hall is directing "Ball Don't Lie," written by Hill and Matt de la Pena, who penned the novel of the same name. Rosanna Arquette, Ricardo Chavira, Steve Harris, Evan Parke, Harold Perrineau, James Pickens Jr., Dania Ramirez, Matthew St. Patrick, Cress Williams, Mykelti Williamson and Robert Wisdom also star.

De Ravin has a starring role on "Lost" and is attached to indie feature "The Perfect Game" (Daily Variety, June 5).

Next up for Cannon are indies "Day of the Dead" and "American Son."

Ludacris has Warner Bros.' "Fred Claus" upcoming.


Monday, June 11, 2007

EdRFan changes

You may have already noticed this but I've added some new contents to this blog. And Im planning to add something more later. I just added a youtube video bar. Im not excatly sure how it works but I'll try my hardest to understand it quickly because it's not working like I want it to work right now. But enjoy those videos for the time being. I also want you guys to tell me if the videos are slowing EdRFan for you.

I also want to encourage you to send me any possible feedback about this site. EdRFan is here for you guys so help me to make it better :)

Lost Magazine (June 2007)

Emilie/Claire is on the cover of Lost Magazine! It includes a lovely interview from Emilie so be sure the get the magazine. But luckily for those who can't get it, I have scans. I haven't scanned these myself and all the credits go to a great Yahoo! movie group called emilie-de-ravin · For admirers of actress Emilie de Ravin Thank you very much!

Here's the scans. I didn't have time to make thumbnails but who really needs them :D


Friday, June 8, 2007

MMVA Awards

Oh, my hoping paid off. Emilie will be one of the presenters at the Much Music Video Awards. The awards will be held on June 17th. For more info on the event visit this site.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Emilie not going to Monte Carlo!

Bad news. Emilie is not going to the 47th Monte Carlo Television Festival. The guest list on the festivals homepage has been updated and there's no Emilie. She and Henry Ian Cusick have been replaced by Terry O'Quinn.
Well, hopefully she'll attend another event soon because there hasn't been any new Emilie pics for a while.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Perfect Game

Great news everyone! Emilie's gonna shoot a film during the summer. It's called The Perfect Game. I don't know who Emilie plays but the film sounds good.

Clifton Collins Jr. Plays Perfect Game
Source: Variety June 5, 2007

Clifton Collins Jr. is starring in indie feature The Perfect Game, which Prelude Pictures is producing, reports Variety. Cheech Marin, Emilie de Ravin, Lou Gossett Jr., Bruce McGill and Patricia Manterola round out the cast.

William Dear (Angels in the Outfield) is directing the film from a script by W. William Winokur.

Collins plays former baseball player Cesar Faz, who returns home to Mexico, defeated by the racism of the Major Leagues. He coaches a local youth league team, leading them all the way to the Little League World Series.

The film, set in 1957 and based on a true story, begins Los Angeles shooting June 15. Mexico shoots are already completed. Source

Friday, June 1, 2007

Lost season 3 DVD release date announced!

Today, Buena Vista Home Entertainment announced that Lost: The Complete Third Season--The Unexplored Experience will be released on DVD on December 11 in a seven-disc set.

In addition to all 23 episodes, there will be a slew of bonus features totaling more than six hours in length. They include a one-on-one with Matthew Fox, who plays the reluctant leader Jack Shephard, a featurette titled The World of the Others, never-before-seen flashbacks, a making-of documentary, a peek at the multitude of literary references in the show, and the usual audio commentary, deleted scenes, and bloopers. The set will carry an MSRP of $59.99

December? Wow... That's a long wait...

Emilie will attend the 47th Monte Carlo Television Festival!

Hey evryone!

Im back and the hiatus is over. Luckily for me there hasn't been much Emilie news going on during the last couple of weeks. So you guys didn't really miss that much if you only read EdRFan.

A while ago I found out some good news. Emilie will attend the 47th Monte Carlo Television Festival. She'll go there with her Lost co-star Henry Ian Cusick and Lost director Jack Bender. The festival will start 10th of June and will end 14th of June (if Im right... Don't kill me if I got it wrong :D). Hopefully we'll see a lot of new pics of Emilie! You can view the full guest here!