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Lost "Happily Ever After" (6.11) Promo

MTV Movie Awards Nominee Voting

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New Interviews

There is so much going on in "Emilie World" but I'm doing my best to keep up. I have a life of my own so please be patient. Some stuff will be updated a little late but I'll post everything eventually :)

Anyway here are the interviews:

TNT Magazine
My Movies
MSN Video Player (Don't know where this is originally from)

Thank's Sandy for the heads up!

Operation: Endgame at Actionfest

Operation: Endgame will have it's world premiere at the 2010 Actionfest. The festival (dedicated for action films) will take place from 15-18 April at Asheville, NC. I don't know which day O:E will premiere but I'll let you as soon as I know. I also don't know when the film will be released in theaters. I'll keep you posted :)
OPERATION: ENDGAME (World Premiere) - Zack Galifanakis, Rob Corddry, Ving Rhames, and Emile De Raven star in this new comedy thriller about two teams of assassins locked in an underground facility, each out to discover who murdered their boss before they're all offed. (Courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment)

Monday, March 29, 2010

In The News Interview

A rather exhausted looking Robert Pattinson talks to inthenews.co.uk about his new film Remember Me at its premier in London's Leicester Square.

Following what appeared to be an exhausting few hours on the red carpet, 'RPattz' and his most recent leading lady Emilie du Ravin made their way into the Odeon for the premier of their new film, and to talk to yet more journalists.

Glowing in a black lace cocktail dress with terrifyingly high heels, the tiny Emilie du Ravin looked at ease next to her co-star. Poor Pattinson however, who has become synonymous with the Twilight brand and now attracts hundreds of screaming young girls wherever he goes, looked drained after his hours spent talking to fans, signing autographs and 'biting them'. "I've been up since 6am" the heart-throb said wearily.

Nicholas Osborne, Remember Me's producer, said the Twilight star was on board from the start: "I'm very proud to say that Rob read the script in the parking lot of an In n Out Burger! And it was two months before Twilight came out and Rob signed on and stuck with the project and from there everything snowballed.

"Rob [who is also executive producer on the film] always wanted this project to be handled a certain way and so we consulted with him on the script and various things along the way."

Emilie (looking surprised) says to Robert: "I didn't even know you were [executive producer] when we were filming!"

So what makes someone like Robert Pattinson choose a little known film such as this? He says: "I read tonnes and tonnes of scripts over the summer after I'd done Twilight, I mean hundreds, and all of them seemed exactly the same, but this one, initially just because the way the dialogue was written, seemed more naturalistic than most things.

"And also Tyler as a character - it seems that most movies that have a young male protagonist as the lead, they either have to be a virgin to begin with and have to learn everything during the movie or they always have to go through the trials of the movie and end up a completely different person afterwards. But Tyler seemed like he came with a lot of baggage, and a developed character, and just ended up being developed in a slightly different way.

"You just never see that in films any more, especially not with young people, and that's what initially drew me."

Both Emilie and Robert have difficulties, with their fathers in the film, played by Chris Cooper and Pierce Brosnan, but how was it playing alongside such famed actors? Emilie says: "I was over the moon when I found out Chris was playing my dad, I've been a fan of his for years and think he's just incredible. He's a very intense person but very giving."

While Robert added: "When they first talked about the father role I never ever would have thought that it would have been someone like Pierce playing Charles.

"But I think he has this innate likeability about him, as soon as you meet him. And Charles on the page was someone who was very domineering and quite a strong character, and Pierce, just by being Pierce, changed the whole dynamic of it. It was great, as it made it a much more interesting relationship I think."

Robert's younger sister in the film, played by Ruby Jerins, has a very sweet relaitionship with his character Tyler. Robert easily sung the little actress's praises: "I always wanted a younger sibling and Ruby is one of the best actresses I have ever worked with.

"She is surprisingly articulate about her character, and when I first met her she seemed like a very, very normal kid, and then the more she talked about her character and her character's development, she could just improvise for hours and she was so comfortable working in front of the camera, and she was really amazing. It was really easy to do anything with her."

But how was it for him stepping out of the 'Twilight': "I never like anything [films], so it's very easy to decide what to do! Even movies I'm not in! I've never felt any pressure to do anything. Even when we were filming it I never thought about the box office or anything.

"It's not a Twilight movie, its an original screenplay. And it doesn't fit into any genre. They don't make movies like it anymore, and that's the only criteria I really have if there seems to be a gap in the market for something then I just try and do that."

While Emilie added: "It [the film] didn't read like script, it read like a letter, it was so honest and organic in that way.

"[Lost] has been a big part of my life and it's been a great ride. It's kind of bittersweet that it's ending.

"I'm glad it's ending on a high note, but obviously you miss certain things about projects."

The film, set in New York, deals with some tough issues, but Nicholas Osborne says they were all pleased with how it came out: "We had a lot of New Yorker's on set, and we had a lot of New Yorkers who had been affected by the events in the movie, and we had a number of cops in the movie who were affected by the events as well, and they all read the script and fell in love with it and felt it was an important story to tell.

"We always felt good about that, that they gave it their stamp of approval."

Remember Me UK Press Conference

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole Videogame

I don't know if Emilie will voice Eglantine in the game yet. I'll let you know once I find something official.

Finally, your chance to play a heroic owl in an owl-focused game! WBIE announced that it’s adapting Zack Snyder’s new film, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, into a game for Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, and DS, with release planned in September. The PS3, 360, and Wii versions are developed by Krome, with Tantalus Media in charge of the DS release.

Legend of the Guardians puts the player in the role of a Guardian, a member of a group of owls devoted to doing good. Which, judging by the trailer, means fighting with other owls and taking part in that flight game staple, flying through rings. Perhaps you also get to estimate the number of licks required to reach the center of a Tootsie Pop, but that’s not reflected in the trailer

The Chameleon and Operation: Endgame Stills

Emilie de Ravin Fan has put up new stills from Emilie's upcoming films Operation: Endgame and The Chameleon. I haven't been able to find these but you can see them here! I'll try to get the pics somewhere later :)

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Emilie de Ravin -She's busy making up for Lost time

The Independednt interview.

With her new film, Emilie de Ravin has hit the jackpot. Not only does she get to cavort in steamy scenes with heartthrob du jour Robert Pattinson (OMG! RPattz!) in Remember Me, but she gets to bask in the heat of a talked-about movie that, without Pattinson's involvement, may have been another under-the-radar romantic drama.

Pattinson's first project since the unprecedented success of the Twilight films sees him as an angry rich kid – sans creepy vampire makeup – who falls in love with a ballsy young philosophy student, played by de Ravin. At 28 – five years Pattinson's senior – she is still girlish enough to pass for 21.

You'll most likely recognise the Australian actress de Ravin as the young mother Claire in Lost (currently in its explosive sixth series on Sky1), but her association with Pattinson has catapulted her into the celebrity weeklies.

When we meet in New York, where the film is set, a blizzard is raging outside the hotel window. Like Pattinson, she seems embarrassed about her success, shrugging off compliments and rolling her eyes at talk of fans and paparazzi. "I get recognised," she says with a dismissive wave, "but I'm not the sort of person who frequents popular clubs. I try to keep out of that."

De Ravin is part of a new breed of celebrity – like Pattinson and his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart – who shun the glamour and adulation that many see as a perk of the job. When de Ravin slouched onto the red carpet at the London premiere of Remember Me recently, grinning awkwardly in her black Oscar de la Renta mini-dress, she and Pattinson looked as though they would rather be anywhere else.

Despite their 'I'm-so-normal' façade, journalists are warned not to ask about their private lives on pain of death. A hovering publicist peers up from her BlackBerry at the mere hint of a personal question to de Ravin (it could be worse: no less than three handlers accompany Pattinson during his interview). But this much we know: she married the American actor Josh Janowicz in June 2006 after being together for four years. The couple separated last year, but are rumoured to have reunited.

"Love is such an objective thing," she says, in a suitably vague answer to a necessarily vague question about love. "I mean, I can say I love my family, or I love my Diet Coke," she continues, gesturing towards her Coke can. "So I guess, in different ways, yeah, I do believe in love."

But in terms of relationships?

"It's different with every person. It depends if it... clicks. It's chemistry."

Either way, if she's in love when we meet, there is no ring on her finger. Of course she was romantically linked to Pattinson during filming, but RPattz could star opposite Ellen DeGeneres and there would be rumours. Having said that, the young stars' on-screen chemistry is undeniable. Viewers will be surprised to learn they met just one week before filming commenced.

"She's really cool," says Pattinson, pushing back his James Dean-esque mane, when we meet later that afternoon. "She was actually the last girl we saw and she was cast on the day of her audition, so we went straight out to a bar. It was so close to filming that we didn't have time to rehearse. But she got it right from the beginning, so it was easy."

De Ravin agrees that the best preparation was getting to know each other. "Our relationship in the film is intense," she nods. "We spent a lot of time together, talking about our characters and their relationship, because it's so important to be comfortable together. Then, when we were actually shooting, everything fell into place and felt natural. It didn't ever feel like we were reading a scene or going through the motions."

Watching Pattinson brooding or de Ravin screaming at her on-screen father (Chris Cooper), I have to ask: did they manage to have any fun on set?

"If you're getting ready to do a really emotional scene then, right before it, you're probably not going to be outside playing basketball," she shrugs. "But everybody involved was passionate about it so there was a good vibe."

Having not spent much time in New York before landing the role, de Ravin has now fallen in love with the city. "New York is a character in the film," she smiles, either not noticing or not caring what a cliché that is. "It was great to be able to walk around the city on days off. And it's so rare to be able to shoot in the real locations. When we have dinner, we were actually in The Oak Room and when we were doing a scene in the house Ally [her character] grew up in, that was in Queens."

Of course, the downside of shooting around the city is that Twilight fans and paparazzi had easy access to locations.

"It was distracting at times," admits de Ravin. "We shot 90 per cent on location in Manhattan or Queens so it was very accessible. It's not like they can close down Central Park. So it was difficult for Rob and I to figure out the logistics of a rehearsal when you've got thousands of people watching. Even if you're not looking at them, you're aware of it. It can be hard to focus."

It must have been a very different experience from filming Lost in the relative seclusion of Hawaii. As we speak, de Ravin is about to finish shooting the final season of the hit show. Can she tell us anything about how it ends? Do they ever get off that bloody island?

"I honestly don't know," she laughs. "We're filming the next episode in a few days and I don't even have that script yet. But that's the same with every show on TV. With films, you have time to read the script properly and rehearse. You can develop a back-story and, by the time you start shooting, you know everything you need to. That's one of the many things I love about film in comparison to TV."

Although de Ravin clearly yearns for a film career, you can't help feeling that she isn't really cut out for Hollywood. Ask her where home is and she says emphatically: "Temporary home is LA. But home home is Melbourne."

What does she miss most about it? "Everything," she sighs wistfully. "Walking around the city and the gardens and the restaurants. I don't get home as much as I would like to. There's a lot of downtime on Lost, so I might have three weeks off, but you never know in advance if you might be needed. I miss my family so much, my ideal holiday is just to hang out with them. I'm kind of a homebody. I like to sit at home and watch movies and eat good food."

De Ravin is no stranger to film, having starred in 2005's high-school noir Brick, alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and the 2006 horror The Hills Have Eyes (tagline: "The Lucky Ones Die First"). So she's no red carpet virgin; it's just that it's not really her natural home.

"Once in a while it's fun to dress up for a premiere," she shrugs. "But I'm not someone that's going to stick on heels and a dress every day. Shopping stresses me out."

What about staying in shape? Her impressive abs are on display in Remember Me. She must work out?

"No, I don't really do anything. I'm not very fit."

Just good genes then?

"Yeah. Thanks mum."

So there you go: Emilie de Ravin is a study in laid-back cool. One of that frustrating breed of beautiful I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-this-is-how-I-look people. A lot like Robert Pattinson in fact. So, when she was filming scenes with RPattz, who spent the most time on their hair?

She explodes with laughter: "Oh come on! Totally Rob," she grins, before shaking her head at the ridiculousness of the question and, more seriously, adding, "Neither one of us really did much. It was just like... " she mimes messing up her hair with devil-may-care nonchalance.

Then she shrugs again.

Emilie: I'm a homebody at heart

Belfast Telegraph interview.

Emilie de Ravin has revealed she's a homebody at heart.

The Australian actress, who stars with Robert Pattinson in Remember Me, told The Independent: "I'm kind of a homebody, I like to sit at home and watch movies and eat good food."

She added: "Once in a while it's fun to dress up for a premiere, but I'm not someone that's going to stick on heels and a dress every day - shopping stresses me out."

Emilie, who now lives in Los Angeles so she can shoot Lost in Hawaii, admitted she gets homesick a lot.

"Temporary home is LA, but home home is Melbourne," she said.

"I miss my family so much, my ideal holiday is just to hang out with them. I don't get home as much as I would like to. There's a lot of downtime on Lost, so I might have three weeks off, but you never know in advance if you might be needed."

Cosmopolitan (UK) Interview

This is from the April issue. Thank's to Naima87 from Imdb for this :)


Lost’s Emily De Ravin, 28, locks lips with RP in her new film, but says work comes second. Job swap, anyone?

Tell us about the finest men you’ve worked with – included Johnny Deep and Robert Patinson…

- Johnny Deep is one of my favorite actors. When we met on Public Enemies he was genuinely nice. The Lost guys are too, and Robert Pattinson couldn’t be more of a great guy. He’s insanely talented, but I don’t even think he knows that.

Were you intrigued to be working with him after all the Twilight publicity?

-I didn’t really know who he was! I’ve never been a tabloid reader or a person who follows what somebody is going to the grocery store for.

You can’t have escaped the Twilight phenomenon though?

-The fan base is wonderful. But shooting with Rob in New York was crazy. There were girls climbing all over him, which did make things difficult. He’d been through it all before but it was very new to me. Because the majority of fans were teenage girls. I felt like, ‘Oh, God, they all hate me.’ You walk out and they’re like, ‘Who’s this girl with the guy we’re here to see?’ but then they saw me smiling, and they we’re like ‘Oh she’s actually nice!’

You got to kiss Rob too…

-That was a very spontaneous thing actually, which tabloid-wise came out as us making out on the beach, but really we were filming.

And now you have to say he’s a good kisser, right?

-(Laughs) It’s in contract, yes.

You split from your husband of three years last year. Are you happily single or looking for love again?

-I don’t talk about that stuff anymore- I’ve learnt my lesson! But I think in any situation, the important thing is having people around you that love and care about and respect you. People you can be open and honest about everything with.

What’s best about your life?

-Happiness for me is spending time with my friends and family. I love my career but my family comes first and I’m lucky that I’m close to them. I try to get back to Australia at least twice a year. It’s great when I see them.

You’ve been in Hawaii filming the final season of Lost – Hollywood must be pretty manic in comparison?

Yeah, but I’m such a homebody –I don’t like go to shopping where I know the paparazzi will be and I don’t eat in those kind of restaurants so you won’t see me dancing on tables or falling over outside clubs. I love staying at home with my girlfriends, watching a funny film like ‘Heathers.’


Ever been chatted up by another celeb?


Who is the most famous person in you phone?

-I guess Rob’s is the obvious choice.

Any red-carpet disasters?

-No, thanks God. But my tip would be please, whatever you’re wearing, wear underwear!

What scares you?

-Mostly meeting people on your first day of work.

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought in the past 12 month?

-I’m buying my mum a laptop so we can Skype to each other.

Interviews (Videos)

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New Lost Season 6 Cast Promos

ABC has released 2 new promo pics of the cast of Lost. These pics look quite...well ridiculous. Horrible photoshop.
Thank's Darkufo for the pics!

Photobucket Photobucket

Emilie Signing Autographs - Videos

From the New York premiere of Remember Me and outside of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

New Claire Promos

Thank's Darkufo!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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Lost "The Package"(6.10) Promo

Th Perfect Game World Premiere

The world premiere of The Perfect Game was held a few days ago in Mexico. It was quite historical since it was the first time an american film has had it's world premiere there. Unfortunately Emilie did not attend the premiere. I hope there will be another premiere event in Los Angeles where Emilie might be able to go to. The Perfect Game will be released in selected theaters April 16th.

Cineplex.Com Interview: "She’s the One"

It’s as if Emilie de Ravin’s been stranded on a desert island for the past few years. How else can you explain the Australian actor’s complete naiveté about what she was getting into when she signed up for the romantic drama Remember Me…opposite Twilight’s Robert Pattinson?

“I, sort of, I guess I’d sort of heard about [Twilight],” the 28-year-old explains over the phone from her L.A. home. “But not being actively involved, you know, when it doesn’t affect you, you’re sort of out of the loop.”

Uh, sure.

To be fair, de Ravin was actually stranded on a desert island before she signed onto Remember Me last spring — caught up in her own pop-culture phenomenon, TV’s supernatural plane-crash drama Lost. She plays Claire, the young Australian who gave birth in the show’s first season, disappeared in the fourth season, but comes back — “in a very unexpected fashion,” she says — in the show’s sixth and final season, which is now airing.

And, it’s true, she did sign onto Remember Me late, just a couple of weeks before shooting began. “They originally had been looking for anyone but someone like me — the character was originally written Latina — so it was quite last minute that I signed on to this, and then it was this whirlwind from there,” she says. That whirlwind involved paparazzi pics of every touch she and Pattinson shared on set, which were then splashed across the web, and the inevitable rumours the pair was involved off-screen, too.

Still, it’s not like Pattinson signed on at the last minute. He’d been attached from the get-go. “I didn’t know that when I read it,” says de Ravin. “I just fell in love with the script.”

That script follows the unlikely romance between angst-ridden New Yorker Tyler (Pattinson, channelling James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause) and Ally (de Ravin), a girl with her own set of problems. Their relationship starts out on a dare after poor, misunderstood Tyler is arrested for mouthing off to a cop following a street fight. The real story is that Tyler was just coming to the aid of a guy in trouble, of course, but Officer Craig (Chris Cooper) doesn’t see it that way. So to get back at the cop, Tyler hits on his pretty daughter, and one thing leads to another, fireworks alight, breathing becomes laboured and a tortured romance blooms. Perfect.

“It’s basically a romantic tragedy,” says de Ravin. “It focuses a lot on family, the importance of living life to the fullest and realizing how important every moment is with the people you love.”

De Ravin became the first woman Pattinson would love — on screen, anyway — since falling for Twilight’s moody human Bella (Kristen Stewart). Which meant fans, paparazzi and the gossip rags were going to be unusually interested in this little film. The cast and crew were surrounded by swarms of onlookers throughout the production, and since they were filming on the streets of New York, instead of some cozy, sequestered studio, the frenzy was almost impossible to control — making it hard to stay focused.

“I remember Rob and I were rehearsing a scene at night and we were walking around so it was very accessible for people, and photographers, to be filming and taking pictures,” says de Ravin. “We just sort of stopped and said, ‘Do you know what we’re doing right now?’ You become so self-conscious of what’s going on around you, and all these eyes on you, that you forget — ‘What scene are we doing again?’”

As for the unconfirmed rumours that de Ravin was romantically involved with Pattinson during the shoot (despite the unconfirmed rumours that Pattinson is involved with his Twilight leading lady Stewart; and the unconfirmed rumours that de Ravin reunited with her estranged husband, American actor Josh Janowicz), de Ravin declines comment.

“I just really don’t read any of that stuff and prefer not to talk about it because it’s not part of my job and not why I’m doing this,” she says. “People write what they want in the tabloid world. It doesn’t matter what you say, it’s probably more interesting, the things they write up, because my life’s really not that interesting [laughs].”

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Behind the Scenes Pic from Parental Guidance

Apparently the rumour of Emilie being in the ABC Short Parental Guidance is true. I have no idea when it will air though. I'll keep you posted. See an earlier post about this here!

I found a pic form the set of Parental Guidance. In the pic Emilie is with the director America Ferrera and co-stars Justin Kirk and Alyssa Shaffer.


ABC News Interview

Live from Studio Five

Sorry for the bad quality. Hopefully a better one will surface!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Emilie on Xpose

Xpose is an Irish entertainment show. Includes Robert Pattinson and some Harry Potter star.

Watch the interview here!

BBC News Interview

Watch out for some Remember Me spoilers!

Watch the interview here!

Emilie: Lost end is bittersweet

Lost star Emilie de Ravin said the show's season finale will definitely be the end of the programme.

The cult series, now in its sixth season, will come to a close later this year.

Asked if there's any possibility of revisiting the show, Emilie said decisively: "No, we're done."

She added: "We're nearly done filming."

The actress, who has played Claire Littleton in Lost since the show's start in 2004, said it's "bittersweet" to be leaving.

"It's good in a way that it's been able to evolve itself when they announced an end date, so they can tie things up how they want to and it's ending on a high note as opposed to just going on."

More Videos from the Remember Me UK Premiere

I posted this introduction clip before but it was really bad quality. This is a little bit better but you still can't really hear what they're saying.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Remember Me UK Premiere - Videos

Remember Me UK Premiere Pictures

Emilie attended the UK premiere of Remember Me with Robert Pattinson last night and she looked fabulous. Here are some pics and I will post plenty of videos later.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

And here's a little article about Emilie's gorgeous dress:
Emilie de Ravin wowed on the red carpet for the Remember Me premiere in London on March 17, where she joined her hottie co-star Robert Pattinson. In a short black Oscar de la Renta frock and Brian Atwood studded ‘Loca’ pumps, Emilie looked sweet without being too cutesy. Just check out the details on her dress! From the lace cap sleeves, bow detail on the waist, and pleated skirt with embroidered organza appliqué details, she left us with a look to remember.

Lost "Recon" (6.08) New Stills + "Ab Aeterno" (6.09) Promo

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tribeca.Com Interview

Thank's Sandy for the heads up!

Filming on the streets of New York City is never easy for movies big or small, and it definitely doesn't help when one of the co-stars is possibly the most photographed, written about, and stalked actor in the world. The cast and crew of Remember Me, a romantic drama that's the story of two emotionally traumatized college students from different backgrounds, got a chance to find out just the kind of chaos that ensues when your romantic leads are Twilight's Robert Pattinson and Lost's Emilie de Ravin.

Director Allen Coulter explained, "We found ourselves in a situation with the movie that we never expected to be in, particularly... we had no idea we were going to be using Rob Pattinson. We had no idea when we cast him that he was going to be famous. So even though we were prepared to a degree, even the assistant directed Joe Reidy, who had dealt with this before working with Scorsese [and] DiCaprio and so on, no one had an idea that basically we had unleashed Elvis."

Pattinson later described the nuttiness of filming scenes at NYU, when paps got angry that the young star took a bathroom break. "It's strange [because] in New York you can't shut down streets, you can't shut down whole streets in public and so it is weird... you've got, like, 40 people taking photos on the other side of the street and there's nothing you can do... When we were shooting by NYU, I went to the bathroom once and came back, and they were like, 'If he goes away again, we're not gonna let you film anything the whole day!'"

Chris Cooper, who plays the overprotective father of Ally (de Ravin) and a rather hands-on cop, likens it to Love Story. "If I could compare it to any film, and I don't know why there haven't been more films like it, what came to mind immediately to me was the old film Love Story, where you're dealing with [a] working class family and [a] very, very wealthy family and there's that clash."

Pattinson plays the wealthy, troubled, and aimless NYU student Tyler who gets into a brouhaha with Cooper's character, Sgt. Neil Craig, in the summer of 2001. His best friend proposes that they could get revenge on Craig if Tyler seduces and dumps the cop's beautiful and smart daughter Ally, but instead Tyler falls for her. What follows is a romantic and dramatic summer of love.

TribecaFilm.com sat down with de Ravin while the stars were in New York promoting Remember Me to chat about why everyone's so darn interested in what it's like to kiss Pattinson, why she was attracted to her smart and tough character, and her crazy character Claire on Lost.

TribecaFilm.com: Tell me about filming in New York. From what Chris Cooper and director Allen Coulter said, there was at least one scene where things got pretty tense with the paparazzi and the fans when you were filming. It must very difficult to concentrate when stuff like that happens.

Emilie de Ravin: We did shoot probably 90% of the film on location, in Manhattan and Queens and Brooklyn, so it's obviously very accessible to people to watch and [to] paparazzi, and there were definitely challenging times of when we're just rehearsing. You know you've got hundreds and hundreds of people just watching you, even if you're not looking at them. You know they're just watching everything you're doing and you're just trying to work out the logistics of a scene when you're rehearsing it. I tried to make it more of a challenge than a frustration. [laughs]

TribecaFilm.com: How did you block it out? With something like Lost, you're literally isolated on an island, and Remember Me is the complete opposite.

EdR: Yes, it is a complete 180. You know, just do it! [laughs] You just gotta do it. And you know, unless you're doing a scene on your own, at least you've got that other person who's in the same position and you can work through it together, and you end up talking and focusing on what you're doing.

TribecaFilm.com: Is it kind of frustrating to be asked all the time about your love scenes with Rob Pattinson?

EdR: [laughs] I've never been asked that, what are you talking about?!

TribecaFilm.com: He's the hottest 20-something in the world, and you've got some pretty hot scenes with him.

EdR: Well, it's funny though, too, because when I'm getting asked what it's like kissing Rob... I'm really intrigued what people are really looking for. I mean, do they want me to describe his mouth? [laughs] What can you say? It's like, well, his lips part at about 2.3 millimeters... It's funny.

TribecaFilm.com: What was your personal connection to this movie? Which part about it grabbed you? Your character is kinda spunky—she's not your typical romantic lead these days.

EdR: She's a realist, and she is spunky, and she doesn't take crap from anyone, and she's honest, and she wants people to be honest with her. That's just how it is. And she's pretty ballsy too in that way, I think. I guess all these character traits drew me to her, but just in general, there's just something about her that I connected with, and it's one of those things you can't really put into words. But I just was dying to play her, and I'm so happy that I got to, as I sort of, in my overdramatic way, said that I'd quit acting if I didn't get this film just "cause I felt so strongly about being involved in it, and this was just from reading the script. I didn't know anyone involved. It was just purely on what it is; all the characters are so beautifully developed and the way the story unfolds and everyone's interactions, it just kind of spoke to me in a really great way.

TribecaFilm.com: Okay, here come some Lost questions. On Lost, do you know what is supposed to happen to you in regards to being "claimed" in the story line?

EdR: We're still filming, so I'm still sort of learning about that with the scripts that we're getting, but what we have shot that hasn't aired, it's interesting. It's cool.

TribecaFilm.com: So do you get crazier?

EdR: I can't say!

TribecaFilm.com: Does your hair get bigger?

EdR: The hair, yes, it gets a lot bigger, and I put some highlights in it. Purple, actually. No, the hair's crazy enough as it is. It's nuts. Thank god it's a wig. Can you imagine doing that to your hair every day?

TribecaFilm.com: When you started Lost in 2004, did you have any idea that it would become so huge? People have parties to watch it every week.

Yeah, it's kind of insane... I think we all had a really good feeling shooting the pilot about it, this was something really unique and special, but you never know. It's all about timing, what people want to watch and what year [it is] and what people are drawn to, but it's amazing.

Lost’s Emilie de Ravin on Playing the New Crazy Claire: ‘Thank God It’s a Wig

Interview about Lost. Small spoilers!

Emilie de Ravin is everywhere this week, starring in movie theaters opposite Robert Pattinson in Remember Me and playing an all-new Claire Littleton in this sixth and final season of Lost. Vulture spoke by phone to Emilie, back on the Lost set in Hawaii, about tonight's episode, returning to the show after sitting out the fifth season, and the challenge of playing a crazier Claire.

What can you tell us about Claire's role in tonight's episode, "Recon"?

There's some good stuff in there. Parts of Claire are just trying to analyze and figure out for herself what the truth is. She's got two people telling her different things. It's a path of realization for her.

We assume it's tricky to talk Lost episodes that haven't aired yet without getting anyone in trouble.

I know! It's like, "Well, um ... it's good."

Are you finding it difficult switching back and forth between Lost publicity mode and Remember Me publicity mode? They're pretty different, obviously ...

I'm getting good at it ... I think. It's a bit of a bipolar situation.

Lost cast members we've spoken with seem pleased to have you back on the show.

Oh, good! I'm happy to be back, too. It's great to really be able to have a lot of fun with Claire. She seems a little different, shall we say ...

So much about the show changed in season five. When you showed back up on set after missing a season, were you tempted to ask, "Is this the right set? This is still the show about the plane crash, right?"
It's sort of everything changing. I actually love that, because you don't really get a chance to be bored. It's not like it's just two people working every day on a soundstage. There's always some crazy new twist or story line or character development. So it's pretty cool, yeah.

What exactly was Claire up to during season five?

Basically the only person she's had contact with is Locke — who's obviously not Locke anymore. And she's really just focused and just so certain that the Others have her baby — and that's all she wants, to get him back. And she was basically doing anything to make that happen.

And it looks like we're building up to Claire's showdown with Kate over the baby, which seems irrational considering Claire abandoned Aaron. Kate should be the angry one.
Yeah, well, she didn't leave him out of not caring, she was sort of under the influence ... not drunk. [Laughs.] Yeah, Claire was wasted in the jungle. She was under the influence of who her father was at that point — who obviously really wasn't her father, either. So, also, over the three years she's been told by Locke that the Others have the baby, so when she finds out that Kate does, that's sort of more confusing and shocking to her. Why was she not told that? Is that even the truth? It's a lot of confusion and trying to put the pieces together.

Speaking of babies, in the clip for tonight's episode, Claire mentions that "It's all I had" in reference to ... What is that thing anyway? Is that a pig skeleton? A boar?

In the script it's called "squirrel baby," but I don't know. I think that's a bit rather large for squirrels, I'm not sure. And I haven't seen any squirrels on the island. That's a good question, I'll find that out.

Have you given it your own nickname?

No, not personally. I thought "squirrel baby" worked quite well. I just went with that. I didn't want to get too attached, so I threw up a boundary there. [Laughs.]

Does that mean you're not taking the squirrel baby home as a souvenir when filming wraps?
Oh, no, totally! I was thinking it could maybe be the new Tickle Me Elmo at Christmastime. I could make some cash off this. A Tickle Me Elmo baby with detachable arms.

In season three, didn't Charlie die to save Claire? That seems a bit in vain, now.
I know. There's so many little pieces along the seasons that you sort of pick up and remember. Or come across again something that happened in season two. And it takes a minute to wrap your head around it and think, Oh, that was five years ago and we're talking about that again. Which is great, because it's actually not that long for [the characters]. For me, just reading them along the way over the last six years, there's so many things you don't necessarily forget, you just have to jog your memory about [it] because so much is happening.

Claire has "the Sickness." Other than Claire's hair, do the writers tell you what that is, exactly? Or is that up to you to interpret?

Yeah, to a degree. I sort of just made it my own, very internalized. It's been a lot of fun playing around with that. I didn't want anything to be an overexaggeration. I think the simpler it is when you have a crazy character to play is almost more creepy and interesting.

And Claire's new hairstyle?

The new hip hairstyle? It's, thank God, a wig. I think my hair would have all fallen out by now.

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Chameleon at the Tribeca Film Festival

Good news! The Chameleon will be getting it's world premiere in the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival. I don't know when the premiere will take place but the film festival will open April 21st. See more info of Tribeca here!
We also have some new info and a still of Emilie's character which you can see below.


When teenager Nicholas Barclay (Marc-André Grondin, C.R.A.Z.Y.) mysteriously resurfaces after he went missing three years ago, his sister (Emilie De Ravin, Lost) and mother (Ellen Barkin) welcome him back with open arms, but a no-nonsense FBI agent (Famke Janssen) is out to prove he's an imposter. Working from a true story, director Jean-Paul Salomé (Female Agents) delivers an unsettling psychological thriller—featuring an unforgettable performance by Barkin—that will keep you guessing.

Remember Me Box Office report (US)

Remember Me finished 4th on it's opening weekend and it made $8,3 million. In other words I think it did well. I and nobody else was expecting it to beat Alice In Wonderland or Green Zone. And Summit's goal was to get 8-10 million in which RM succeeded. The budget for Remember Me was $20 million(with marketing budget) so I think RM will do fine and reach the budget and beyond.

You can see more figures of the weekend box office here!

MTV Interview

A very spoilery interview about Remember Me and I do not recommend for you to read it unless you have already seen the film.

You can read it here!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Australians In Film Screening of Remember Me

Emilie attended a screening for her new movie Remember Me yesterday in LA. The screening was an Australians In Film event. The woman she poses with is actress Stephanie Jacobsen.
Thank's Sandy for the images :)

By the way I'm hearing rumours that Emilie is going to attend the UK premiere of Remember Me next week. I haven't found any official confirmation on this yet.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket



Monsters and Critics
Montreal Gazette
E! Entertainment

The Perfect Game Info

This is a Los Angeles Times article about the film. No Emilie mentions but it tells about the problems the Perfect Game has had. It will be released April 16th.

Read the article here!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

NOW Magazine Interview

Read and hear it here!

Movieline & Flicks & Fandango & ComingSoon.Net Interviews

You can read the Movieline interview here! and the ComingSoon.Net interview here!



More New Videos

Hollywood 411

The Insider

Lost "Recon" (6.08) stills and Sneak Peek

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

More New Interviews

Thank's Sandy for the links :)

National Post
Sharp for Men

New Videos/Interviews

Like i said before I'm having a crazy busy week. That's why I've missed tons of Emilie stuff. I'll try to update everything as soon as possible. I'll start with these videos.

New Remember Me TV Spot:
(Sorry for the bad quality)


Cinema Magazine


Manny The Movie Guy
I can't post the interview here but you can see it on Youtube here!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

LAX Candids (March 8)

Emilie heading off somewhere (probably Hawaii to shoot Lost) yesterday.
Thank's Sandy!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Kramp & Adler

Emilie was on radio show called Kramp & Adler this morning. You can find the interview here! It should be the first interview on the left right now.
Thank's for the heads up Rachel Leigh from FanForum.

More New Video Interviews

E! News


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Remember Me Reviews

I've read a lot of reviews for Remember Me online and most of them seem very positive. That's great :)

I decided not to post any reviews here. Instead you should check out the Imdb message board for Remember Me. People there are doing a really great job at collecting reviews around the web(and around the world). The link below will take you to the thread with the reviews. It should be a spoiler-free zone aswell!

See Remember Me reviews here!

Lost "Dr. Linus" (6.07) Promo

No Emilie but I thought you might want to see this anyway :)

Entertainment Weekly Outtakes

Emilie is with lost co-star Matthew Fox (obviously :D).
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

New Interviews and Videos

I know I'm a little late with some of the stuff I posted/will post today. I'm having a busy week but I'll do my best to keep EdRWorld updated.

Thank's Lucy Pearl at FanForum for the heads up.

Emilie de Ravin: "Lost" in NYC with Rob!

Emilie embraces Pattinson

+ 2 new fan videos from the Remember me premiere!
( I don't think I've posted these yet..)

The View - More Emilie

You can see more of Emilie in this clip. She talks about Lost. The Emilie part was cut off from the video I posted before.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lost Stills

Old stills that I haven't posted yet.

Lighhouse (6.05)
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Sundown (6.06)
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket