Monday, January 30, 2012

Once Upon a Time - "Skin Deep" (1.12) Promo

Emilie look's gorgeous as Belle. Her episode will air February 12th!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Aamulehti Photoshoot + Interview

We finally have new pics from a photoshoot. I can't remember the last time she did one. She look's beautiful. The photoshoot and interview are from a finnish magazine called Aamulehti. Thank's for the heads up Lucy Pearl from FanForum.

Photobucket Photobucket


I translated parts of the interview that came with the pics. You can read that below:

- the pics were taken last July at a wardrobe fitting. They interviewed her via phone from LA earlier this month

- The pics were taken just a few hours after she arrived in Finland. She flew to Finland from Australia where she spent most of early 2011. She said that she hadn't seen her family in a while so she has spent a lot of time there. She was there with Jussi Nikkilä. The article says she was tired and giggled a lot. Jussi Nikkilä couldn't help but to laugh with her

- Jussi Nikkilä tells in the article that they're first meeting was hysterical (because Emilie was tired and giggly)

- about choosing to do the film: " I read the script like I always do. I think about if I feel a connection to the character, do I like the story and do I think it's entertaining. Making the final decision is quite simple and depends on if I can see the story in images and do I enjoy the story"

-there's alittle story from the set: a young girl had driven with her bike all over Turku trying to find the filming location and Emilie. When she finds Emilie the girl is shaking. - "yeah I remember the girl. She was very sweet adn had gotten a lor of exercise that day."

- Samuli Valkama said that they spoke on Skype in March. They started the conversation formally but taht soon changed when they realised they had a similar and weird sense of humour.

-Emilie says that the only real difference with Finnish and American movies is the fact that they didn't have they're own trailers-

- the writer says Emilie is small, petite and beautiful in a very natural way. Emilie says that she not too much into make-up and showinf off clothes. The article said Emilie grew up suroounded by trees in her familys ecohouse.

- It says that Emilie likes to gardening, hiking and just being at home on her spare time. Emilie says: "the worst thing is to try be something that youre not"

- Emilie likes sci-fi/fantasy: "For people entertainment is escape from reality. They want to relax, laugh and get away from their everyday lives. What is a better way to do that than to go into a whole other world."

- "Emilie likes to escape in to her dreams: -I have very lively and vivid dreams. I used to have a lot of nightmares but now the bad dream-good dream ratio has evend. I sometimes think what if the dreamworld is the real world and I'm dreaming when I'm awake"

- the article briefly mentions Josh Janowicz as her ex-husband whom she divorced in 2009. I don't think they asked her about it. It's probably something they got from internet. But according to this article they not back together.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Metro Live Interview

An interview from a finnish magazine Metro Live. It may sound a bit strange since I had to translate it form finnish :)

And all you finnish fans, Hulluna Saraan opens in theaters today. Don't miss it!

Sauna-craze hit aussie actress Emilie de Ravin

Hulluna Saraan star likes liquorice/salmiac (finnish "national candy" that foreigners don't usually like), herring and sauna.

Australian actress Emilie de Ravin, 30, adapted to Finland well. The Lost-star filmed Samuli Valkama's romantic comedy, Hulluna Saraan , in Turku last summer.

-"I was in Finland for 2 months, July and August. The weather was great. Heavy rain surprised us once and I got soaken wet. I just laughed about it," cheerful and nice Emilie tells us from Los Angeles.

Turku was the culture capital of Europe last year.

-"I walked down the sreets and took photos of lively people, art events and the architecture. The cathedral made an impact on me. Aurajoki (river in the middle of Turku) was my compass. Without it I would have gotten lost a lot."

The former ballerina blended in.
-"Occasionally someone recognized me from Lost but other than that I could have been a local. I do have blue eyes and blonde hair (finnish people are often blonde and blue eyed). And I even learned to like liquorice. "

The youngest of the De Ravin- family also spent weekends in Helsinki (capital of Finland).

- "One time we drove to the Flow-festival but we only had time to see Kanye West. We had to go back to Turku early because we had to film the next morning. Another time I visited a small island at the coast of Helsinki. We ate herrings, drank shots and sang drinking songs. I had a cheat sheet because I didn't know the words", she recalls and laughs.

The sauna crazyness of finns surprised her but she became a part of it.

- "Everyone seems to have a sauna. I enjoy it. I like private saunas more than the public ones but the best saunas are the wooden ones. Nothing beats them."

Hulluna Saraan -crew and co-stars Jussi Nikkilä and Ville Virtanen get praise from Emilie.

-"The filming process is the same all over the world. People create the atmosphere, and we had fun. The working language was finnish but everyone spoke fluent english. I learned a few words like second take, thank you, hello, hi and beautiful. My make-up artist used that all the time."

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Emilie is on Twitter

Great news everyone! Emilie has joined Twitter. Her friend and Once Upon a Time co-star Ginnifer Goodwin confirmed this on her twitter. I hope Emilie tweets a lot so we know what she's up to. Last year was too quiet :)

You can view her twitter page here! You can also see all of Emilie's latest tweets on the new gadget I added on the right. Don't forget to follow her!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Once Upon a Time - New Behind the Scenes Pic

New pic of Emilie as Belle on Once Upon a Time.


Credit for the pic: TV Overmind

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Once Upon a Time - "Skin Deep" Episode Synopsis

The synopsis for Emilie's Once Upon a Time episode, Skin Deep, is out. The epsiode will air February 12th on ABC.

When Mr. Gold's house is robbed, Emma suspects he is planning to seek vigilante justice; Ruby, Mary Margaret and Ashley (Jessy Schram) plan a night out on Valentine's Day; Belle (Emilie de Ravin) makes a deal.
Source: Spoiler TV

Friday, January 13, 2012

New Interview (Finnish)

Love and Other Troubles has started promotion. Here's Emilies first finnish interview. Hopefully many more will follow. Love and Other Troubles / Hulluna Saraan will premiere in Finland January 27th!

Emilie talked to a finnish web magazine Lily about some of her male co-stars. I translated the interview from finnish and you can read it below. You can see the original article here!

1. JUSSI NIKKILÄ, Hulluna Saraan
American line dance teacher (de Ravin) messes up the heads of a father an his son (Nikkilä).

"Jussi is honest, open-minded and above all funny. We spent a lot of time together. Towards the end of the film, after filming a scene on a bridge, we saved a field mouse that was trapped. We moved it to an area with grass and I fed it grapes"

2. ROBERT PATTINSON, Remember Me (2010)
2 young persons with a difficult past (de Ravin and Pattinson) fall in love in an emotional romantic drama.

"Robert made me laugh all the time, even when he wasn't trying to be funny. He is tohughtful and honest and he has no ego. He is the opposite of arrogance".

A high school boy (Gordon-Levitt) tries to solve his girlfriends (de Ravin) drug related death in a dark story.

"Awesome guy: he has the ability to make people feel welcome and relaxed. The filming was also great because the director Rian Johnson had gone to school in the same area so he knew all the cool secret places".

4. JASON BEHR, Roswell (1999-2002)
Some of them were humans, others aliens (de Ravin ja Behr). The Tv-show depicted the lives of teenagers in the UFO city in new Mexico.

"You really are testing my memory! I was an 18 year old beginner then and it was my first big acting job. I asked Jason and the others for help all the time and I asked them to tell me how things work. He was supportive and a really good friend"

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Love and Other Troubles/Hulluna Saraan Stills

Here's 5 new stills from Emilie's new movie Love and Other Troubles, Hulluna Saraan in finnish. The film premieres in Finland January 27th.

Photobucket  Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Credit for the pics goes to Elokuvauutiset.