Friday, January 27, 2012

Metro Live Interview

An interview from a finnish magazine Metro Live. It may sound a bit strange since I had to translate it form finnish :)

And all you finnish fans, Hulluna Saraan opens in theaters today. Don't miss it!

Sauna-craze hit aussie actress Emilie de Ravin

Hulluna Saraan star likes liquorice/salmiac (finnish "national candy" that foreigners don't usually like), herring and sauna.

Australian actress Emilie de Ravin, 30, adapted to Finland well. The Lost-star filmed Samuli Valkama's romantic comedy, Hulluna Saraan , in Turku last summer.

-"I was in Finland for 2 months, July and August. The weather was great. Heavy rain surprised us once and I got soaken wet. I just laughed about it," cheerful and nice Emilie tells us from Los Angeles.

Turku was the culture capital of Europe last year.

-"I walked down the sreets and took photos of lively people, art events and the architecture. The cathedral made an impact on me. Aurajoki (river in the middle of Turku) was my compass. Without it I would have gotten lost a lot."

The former ballerina blended in.
-"Occasionally someone recognized me from Lost but other than that I could have been a local. I do have blue eyes and blonde hair (finnish people are often blonde and blue eyed). And I even learned to like liquorice. "

The youngest of the De Ravin- family also spent weekends in Helsinki (capital of Finland).

- "One time we drove to the Flow-festival but we only had time to see Kanye West. We had to go back to Turku early because we had to film the next morning. Another time I visited a small island at the coast of Helsinki. We ate herrings, drank shots and sang drinking songs. I had a cheat sheet because I didn't know the words", she recalls and laughs.

The sauna crazyness of finns surprised her but she became a part of it.

- "Everyone seems to have a sauna. I enjoy it. I like private saunas more than the public ones but the best saunas are the wooden ones. Nothing beats them."

Hulluna Saraan -crew and co-stars Jussi Nikkilä and Ville Virtanen get praise from Emilie.

-"The filming process is the same all over the world. People create the atmosphere, and we had fun. The working language was finnish but everyone spoke fluent english. I learned a few words like second take, thank you, hello, hi and beautiful. My make-up artist used that all the time."

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