Sunday, January 29, 2012

Aamulehti Photoshoot + Interview

We finally have new pics from a photoshoot. I can't remember the last time she did one. She look's beautiful. The photoshoot and interview are from a finnish magazine called Aamulehti. Thank's for the heads up Lucy Pearl from FanForum.

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I translated parts of the interview that came with the pics. You can read that below:

- the pics were taken last July at a wardrobe fitting. They interviewed her via phone from LA earlier this month

- The pics were taken just a few hours after she arrived in Finland. She flew to Finland from Australia where she spent most of early 2011. She said that she hadn't seen her family in a while so she has spent a lot of time there. She was there with Jussi Nikkilä. The article says she was tired and giggled a lot. Jussi Nikkilä couldn't help but to laugh with her

- Jussi Nikkilä tells in the article that they're first meeting was hysterical (because Emilie was tired and giggly)

- about choosing to do the film: " I read the script like I always do. I think about if I feel a connection to the character, do I like the story and do I think it's entertaining. Making the final decision is quite simple and depends on if I can see the story in images and do I enjoy the story"

-there's alittle story from the set: a young girl had driven with her bike all over Turku trying to find the filming location and Emilie. When she finds Emilie the girl is shaking. - "yeah I remember the girl. She was very sweet adn had gotten a lor of exercise that day."

- Samuli Valkama said that they spoke on Skype in March. They started the conversation formally but taht soon changed when they realised they had a similar and weird sense of humour.

-Emilie says that the only real difference with Finnish and American movies is the fact that they didn't have they're own trailers-

- the writer says Emilie is small, petite and beautiful in a very natural way. Emilie says that she not too much into make-up and showinf off clothes. The article said Emilie grew up suroounded by trees in her familys ecohouse.

- It says that Emilie likes to gardening, hiking and just being at home on her spare time. Emilie says: "the worst thing is to try be something that youre not"

- Emilie likes sci-fi/fantasy: "For people entertainment is escape from reality. They want to relax, laugh and get away from their everyday lives. What is a better way to do that than to go into a whole other world."

- "Emilie likes to escape in to her dreams: -I have very lively and vivid dreams. I used to have a lot of nightmares but now the bad dream-good dream ratio has evend. I sometimes think what if the dreamworld is the real world and I'm dreaming when I'm awake"

- the article briefly mentions Josh Janowicz as her ex-husband whom she divorced in 2009. I don't think they asked her about it. It's probably something they got from internet. But according to this article they not back together.

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