Sunday, April 25, 2010

Flaunt Photoshoot

Here are more pics from Emilie's recent Flaunt photoshoot. I already posted one outtake earlier which you can see here!

These are from Flaunt Magazine's Spring Fashion issue (The Census Issue) photoshoot. I don't think the magazine is out yet so hopefully we'll get more pics later because Emilie look's really gorgeous!

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Chameleon Trailer, Poster and Stills

As expected Emilie did not attend the premiere of the Chameleon last night. But to make up for that we now have a trailer and new stills of the movie. According to the trailer The Chameleon will come out June 23rd. I'm not yet sure if the date is just for the french release though. Let's hope it will come out in the US and other countries the same day aswell.

Watch the trailer here!

Here are the pics:


Friday, April 23, 2010

The Chameleon Premiere Tonight!

The Chameleon will premiere at the Tribeca Film festival tonight so if you're in New York area go see it. You can check the schedule here! I don't think Emilie will be able to attend the premiere since Lost wraps up tomorrow but I guess there's always a change she might make it. Keep your fingers crossed :)

Operation: Endgame Straight to DVD

This sucks big time. I think this movie could had huge potential of being a major box office hit. Let's hope Anchor Bay changes their mind...

Anchor Bay bringing 2010 film “Operation: Endgame” starring Zach Galifianakis & Emilie de Ravin to Blu-ray in July
Anchor Bay (A Starz company) in an early alert to retailers has announced plans to bring the 2010 Fouad Mikati directed film “Operation: Endgame” starring Zach Galifianakis (of “The Hangover” fame) & Emilie de Ravin (of TV’s “LOST“) to Blu-ray Disc on July 27th. Tech specs and bonus materials have not yet been announced for this release. The title is already available for PRE-ORDER over at Amazon with a $24.49 price tag. Stay tuned for more details.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Flaunt Magazine's Spring Fashion Issue

I found a gorgeous pic of Emilie in Flaunt magazine. I'm not sure if the mag is out yet but hopefully we'll get more pictures from this shoot soon!


Credit for the pic goes to Emilie de Ravin Fan! I'm just sharing this but it's their exclusive. You should check out their gallery if you haven't already. They've got some stuff there that I haven't posted on EdrWorld, like Operation: Endgame behind the scenes pics.

Teen Vogue's Ten Best Dressed (March 2010)

Emilie is second! She's on the list with her gorgeous Oscar de la Renta dress which she wore at the London premiere of Remember Me. Thank's for the heads-up Sandy!

See the list here!

Go See The Perfect Game!

The Perfect Game is out in selected theaters right now so support Emilie and go see it if it's showing in your area :)

Fabric Magazine Interview

Emilie is on the cover of the April issue of Fabric magazine. Sadly they used old pics. You can read the interview from the mag below.

Lost in translation

Emilie de Ravin chats to Deborah Harris about why so many films are just too idealistic, and what she loved about working on new film, Remember Me

Aussie-born actress Emilie de Ravin doesn't fit the blonde, Hollywood airhead mould. She has a lot to say for herself with a refreshing outspokenness that immediately lets you know that she's no ordinary girl. But nor is her latest movie, Remember Me, an ordinary story.

"The thing that really pisses me off with a lot of scripts and films is that they are too idealistic," asserts de Ravin. "This was real and gritty; beautiful and ugly; sexy and sad – but romantic at the same time." And if anyone understands the complexities of relationships it's Emilie who, at just 29, has already been married and divorced, to actor Josh Janowicz. "When I read the script, I knew I needed to play this character. I remember thinking, ‘If I don't get this, I'll quit.'"

In Remember Me de Ravin plays Ally Craig, a young woman trying to return to normality after seeing her mother tragically killed, when Tyler, played by Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson, walks into her life. "I think Ally isn't ruling out love, but neither is she looking for it," explains de Ravin. "They launch into something that attracts them not just physically but on a mental and intellectual level, too. It feels very real," she says. So what was it like working with man-of-the-moment R-Patz? "I didn't know who Rob was!" she laughs. Surely not? "Really – I just read the script and fell in love with it." This is typical of de Ravin's attitude to Hollywood: for her, it's more about picking the right projects and being lucky enough to be surrounded by decent people, than being a star.

Emilie's charisma and interest in people suits the often-nomadic lifestyle of an actor, an aspect of the job that doesn't seem to faze her. While filming Lost in Hawaii, she would regularly fly back and forth to her base in LA, but her ‘home' – where her parents, sisters and their kids are – is Australia. So how does she deal with the separation? "I'll probably go back for a long stay when Lost wraps, and I'm in constant contact with them, but I wish I was around more."

Ravin feels a debt of gratitude to her family. "When I left home as a teen and moved to America to study ballet, they gave me the freedom to follow my heart." But ballet wasn't the only thing on the cards: de Ravin's first big break came in Canadian TV show BeastMaster, after which she went on to appear in teen series Roswell. "My family were very supportive – then and now. I'm lucky."

That's work, then, but what does she do for fun? "You'd think I'd get enough of it, but I love staying in watching a film." It's difficult to keep Emilie off the subject of work, and I wonder whether she likes to watch herself? "I hate watching myself," she says. But though Emilie may not end up watching Remember Me, she certainly has high hopes for its success, "I really hope people enjoy it. But if they don't," she adds, back to her trademark candour, "that's obviously going to suck."

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lost Set Pic (April 14)

Look's like Emilie is still filming Lost :)


Thank's Darkufo for the pic!

Old Extra Interview

I haven't seen this before so I thought I might share. This is from 2006.

The Perfect Game - Ryan Ochoa's Favorite Scene

A new sneak peek with a quick shot of Emilie's character Frankie.
I can't post the video here but you can see it on the official facebook page of the film here!

Operation: Endgame Schedule and Review

Country: U.S.A.
Director: Fouad Mikati
Runtime: 87 minutes
Language: English

April 16 - 10pm
April 17 - 5:15pm

OK, without trying to hype this thing too damn much, every film festival has one movie that they consider to be their own little discovery, and for us it's OPERATION: ENDGAME. We saw this a few months back when it was called ROUGE'S GALLERY (we're still not sure why the title change, but we'll go with it) and were delightfully surprised with what we saw. As much of a comedy/thriller as it is an action movie, OPERATION: ENDGAME moves with a lot of quick wit and boast a terrific cast that, along with a solid script by Sam Levinson and Brian Watanabe, puts a lot of big fun on the screen. Trust us on this one.

OPERATION: ENDGAME is one of those movies whose casting is essential to its success, and director Fouad Mikati (making his debut) cast this one wisely. While boasting such skilled dramatic talent as Ellen Bakrin and Ving Rhames, it's also filled with several comedic heavyweights, like Bob Odenkirk (MR. SHOW), Adam Scott (STEP BROTHERS), Rob Corrdry (currently stealing the show in HOT TUB TIME MACHINE) and THE HANGOVER's Zack Galafanakis. Mikati handles the action expertly and wisely lets the cast do their thing, and their often hilarious interplay makes for some of the undisputed highlights of this year's festival. OPERATION: ENDGAME is just a giant ball of fun on the big screen, and we're hoping the word of mouth catches on about it so we can say we helped put it on the map. ActionFest is honored to be hosting the world premiere several months in advance of its fall 2010 release, and we hope you'll all show up to see one of the year's best and brightest genre films.

Emilie Signing Autographs (old video)

A short video that was posted on youtube a little while ago. In the video Emilie is signing some autographs at the Australia Week's Black Tie Gala in 2009.

Monday, April 12, 2010

TV Guide Scans

New Lost cast photo and a nice little interview.

Thank's Darkufo!

Claire Bobblehead

Doesn't really look like Emilie/Claire. She's holding the Squirrel Baby :)
You can buy this from Comic-Con in July or order it online after the convention.


Robert Pattinson’s REMEMBER ME Crosses $45 Million Mark Worldwide: Box Office

Remember Me is still doing well!
Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me opened in Argentina, France and several other European countries this weekend, landing at #6 in Paris and its suburbs. The romantic drama’s international weekend take was $4.7 million at 2,302 screens in 36 territories. The international total currently stands at $27 million.

Remember Me, which cost $16 million, has thus far grossed $18.7 million in North America. Worldwide total: $45.7 million.

Up to April 4, the film’s top foreign markets — no doubt thanks to Robert Pattinson’s Twilight Saga-propelled stardom — were Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, $3.15m; Italy, $2.35m; Germany, $1.9m; Brazil, $1.71m; the UK/Ireland/Malta, $1.5m; Australia, $1.21m (up to Mar. 28); and Spain, $1.1m.

Other markets where Pattinson’s Remember Me has grossed more than $250K are: Mexico, $684K; Greece, $423K (up to Mar. 28); Sweden, $405K (up to Mar. 28); Portugal, $347K; Poland, $333K (up to Mar. 28); Austria, $301K; and The Netherlands, $276K.

Remember Me will be opening in Chile and Turkey in the coming weeks. It has yet to open in a few major markets such as China, Japan, and South Korea. It’ll surely earn more than $50 million worldwide; possibly as much as $60 million. Not bad for a mixed-to-poorly received “small” movie featuring an as-yet unproven star in an unlikely role.

In Remember Me, Robert Pattinson stars as Tyler Hawkins, a young man at odds with his father (Pierce Brosnan). Eventually, Tyler falls for a young woman (Emilie de Ravin), but all sorts of problems arise.

Also in the film’s cast are Lena Olin, Ruby Jerins, Chris Cooper, and Tate Ellington. Remember Me was directed by Allen Coulter from a screenplay by Will Fetters. Jenny Lumet did some (uncredited) rewriting.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lost Magazine Scans

Emilie talks about Claire and Lost mostly. I think these are from the latest issue.

Thank's Darkufo!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Emilie Nominated at the Monte-Carlo TV Festival

Great news everyone! Emilie is nominated at the 2010 Monte-Carlo TV Festival for best drama actress alongside all of her Lost co-stars and some others. Lost is also nominated for best drama. Let's hope Emilie attends the festival and wins her category! The Festival will take place from June 6 to 10 in Monte-Carlo.

For the ladies, the nominees will be: Julie Benz and Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter); Emilie de Ravin, Yunjin Kim, Evangeline Lilly and Zuleikha Robinson (Lost); January Jones and Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men); and finally Lucy Lawless (Spartacus: Blood and Sand).

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Scifi Now Magazine Scans

Sadly no new pictures but it's nice to see Emilie on the cover :)

Thank's Lyly Ford for the scans!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Saturday, April 3, 2010


The Berkshire Eagle

The Perfect Game - New Clip and Interview


The Perfect Game Sneak Peeks

Plenty of new clips of The Perfect Game have been posted on the films official site and facebook page. You can see them here and here.

Emilie's character Frankie is only featured in one of the clips which you can see here!

The Perfect Game will be out April 16th.

Empire Magazine & talkSPORT Magazine Interviews + Gogirl Cover



You can see Emilie on the cover of the April issue of Gogirl! magazine. They used an old shot but go check it out anyway. You can see it here!
Thank's divaduck from FanForum for the link :)

Remember Me DVD/Blu-ray

Remember Me will be released on DVD and Blu-ray June 22nd.You can pre-order them from Amazon.Com. I put up the links below:

Pre-order Blu-ray here!
Pre-order DVD here!

On a side note, Remember Me has grossed over $23 million internationally which is really good! RMs budget was $20 million ($16 million production and $4 million marketing)so it has reached the budget making RM a success :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Chameleon at Tribeca - Public Screenings

Tribeca has updated it's site and put up new public screening info for The Chameleon. You can see the schedule of where and when The Chameleon will be shown below.

Fri, Apr 23, 9:30PM SVA Theater 1
Sun, Apr 25, 6:30PM Village East Cinema 6
Thu, Apr 29, 6:00PM Village East Cinema 1
Sat, May 01, 9:30PM Village East Cinema 6


Kramp & Adler Pic

This pic is actually from the Hills Have Eyes premiere and not from Emilie's last months appearance on Kramp & Adler. Sorry for the mix up. Thank's for the heads up Tasmine :)

I found a pic of Emilie in the radio show Kramp & Adler. She appeared there last month. Credit for the pic goes to a wonderful french Emilie site Emily.De.Ravin.


Lost "Happily Ever After" (6.11) Sneak Peek