Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Claire Promos

ABC has released 3 new promo pics of Claire for the last season of Lost. Thank's Darkufo!

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Monday, January 25, 2010

The Perfect Game Poster

Here's a new poster for The Perfect Game. It's different than the one released in 2008. The Perfect Game opens in theaters April 2nd.
Thank you Sandy for the poster!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Emilie and the Lost Cast talking about the Last season

Here's a new interview with Emilie and some of the Lost cast. Thank's Darkufo.

Friday, January 22, 2010

New Screencap of Claire

I found a new image of Claire which is a screencap of a recent Lost promo. The screencap isn't the best quality but I'm almost 100% sure it's Claire. This is the first time we see some new footage of Lost season 6 and I'm very happy that they decided to show Claire.

The image is from Darkufo's site. Remember to check it out for Lost news and spoilers.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MTV Interview

MTV has posted a new interview on their website with Emilie. You can read the interview here! They also have a little video of Emilie where you can hear her answering a question on the phone.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rogue's Gallery Update and Emilie talking about Lost

Rogue's Gallery Update:
Rogue's Gallery's name has been changed to Operation Endgame at IMDB. I don't really know what to say about this. I haven't seen anything official about the name change but I'll let you know if something comes up. I'll refer to Rogue's Gallery as Rogue's Gallery until I see something official.

Emilie talking about Lost:
These were questions I had and questions my co-workers Mary Loynes and Rick Taber gave me. Questions like: "What happened to the children?"; "Will Walt come back this season?"; "Is Claire possessed?"; "Why was Libby in the mental hospital with Hurley?"; "Do they think the fans will be satisfied with the final season ending?" and "Are they moving from Hawaii now that the show is over?" So I went straight to the sources and here's what they told me:

Emile de Ravin who plays Claire Littleton: "I'm pretty sure there will be stuff that is answered and people will be happy to know certain things. But I will say I come back in a rather unique manner and get to play around with my character "Claire" a little more.

Video from the Art Of Elysium Gala

Maximo TV has a video of Emilie arriving the Art Of Elysium's 3rd Annual Black Tie Charity Gala "Heaven". The photographers are crazy!

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Art Of Elysium's 3rd Annual Black Tie Charity Gala "Heaven"

Emilie attended The Art Of Elysium's 3rd Annual Black Tie Charity Gala "Heaven" last Saturday and she looked absolutely fabulous! I have 8 HQ pictures from the event.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sky1 Interview

Sky1 HD Superfan interviewed Emilie some time ago about Lost and you can watch the interview below. Watch out for minor Lost spoilers.

New Lost Season 6 Cast promo

ABC has released yet another Lost cast promo pic. This pic has the same Last Supper theme as the previous pics. Thank's Darkufo.


Friday, January 15, 2010

New Remember Me stills

Summit has released 4 new stills of Remember Me and Emilie is in 3 of them! The guys with her in the pictures are Robert Pattinson and her on-screen dad Chris Cooper. Remember Me hit theaters March 12th.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010 Winter TCA Tour - Articles and Interviews

Here's 2 links to articles/interviews with Emilie. I'll post more when/if I find them. All the other articles I found were pretty much the same as the EW article so I'm waiting for some new stuff to appear :)

Entertainmnt Weekly

2010 Winter TCA Tour - Videos

Here are some videos of Emilie that I've found from various places. These are from the Winter TCA Tour and don't really have any big Lost spoilers.

2010 Winter TCA Tour - Pics

Sorry for posting these a little late.

Last Tuesday Emilie and some of her Lost co-stars were at Pasadena for the 2010 Winter TCA Tour. They were talking about the last season of Lost. Here are some pictures from the event. I'll post videos and other stuff later today :)

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

AOL TV's Outside the Box

Some of Lost cast members(including Emilie) will be featured in AOL TV's Outside the Box interview. In these Outside the Box interviews the cast members interview each other with fan questions. So if you have a question for Emilie go ask it here!

The interview will be published late January!

Official Remember Me Poster (HQ)

I posted this same poster before but I have it in better quality now so I thought I'd post it again.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Emilie de Ravin: Funny Jokes from a Beautiful Woman

Esquire.com has published a small article of Emilie telling jokes. You can read it below :)

Emilie de Ravin: Funny Jokes from a Beautiful Woman

About the Jokester: When we last heard about Claire Littleton, Emilie de Ravin's character on ABC's Lost she went missing which, on the world's most confusing TV show, means she could be alive, dead, or in an alternate space-time continuum. After a season-five hiatus, the 27-year-old Australian actress is back for the last season of the series, in which we'll finally get some answers. "You can't wrap it up with a little ribbon and say, 'We're done, we're cool, everything's tied up,'" de Ravin warns.

Her next project is the upcoming film Remember Me, in which she stars a cop's daughter being romanced by Rob Pattinson. The best part about it: She doesn't go missing.

Joke No. 1: A young man called the phone operator: "Hello, operator. I would like the telephone number for Mary Jones in Phoenix, Arizona." "There are multiple listings for Mary Jones," the operator replied. "Do you have a street name?" The young man hesitated and then said, "Well, most people call me Iceman."

Joke No. 2: Why don't blind people sky dive? It scares the shit out of the dog.

Joke No. 3: Three elderly ladies take a stroll in the park when a younger man flashes them. Two of them have a stroke. One of them misses out.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lost Season 6 Cast Promos

ABC has released 2 official promotional pictures for the 6th season of Lost. One of the pictures is the same image UsWeekly published a couple of days ago. They also released another slightly different promo pic from the same photoshoot. Thank's Darkufo for these pictures!

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lost Cast's "Last Supper"

Emilie and the rest of the Lost cast are featured in the latest Us Weekly magazine. There is only one pic but everyone look's great in it. Thank's Darkufo for the scan!


News and Updates

Happy 2010 Everyone!
I want to thank all of you loyal visitors for making 2009 the best year EdRWorld has had so far. EdRWorld has had a significant rise in visitors and that's always a great thing. I just wish you would comment more often :)

And now let's start with the news. The Perfect Game has finally gotten a legit release date. The new date is April 2th 2010. You can see this on the official site for the movie here! I have also heard some rumours saying that Ball Don't Lie is also coming out sometime in the Spring and that The Chameleon's french relase date has been delayed. The new date is sometime in the April. I've also heard that both The Chameleon and Ball Don't Lie have made deals with major american distributors. These are all rumours and once I know something official I'll let you know.

And now for the updates. I updated the LINKS section with 3 new Emilie fan sites. Go check them out :)
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I also added a link to Remember Me in the PROJECTS section which takes you to the official Facebook page for the movie.