Sunday, January 3, 2010

News and Updates

Happy 2010 Everyone!
I want to thank all of you loyal visitors for making 2009 the best year EdRWorld has had so far. EdRWorld has had a significant rise in visitors and that's always a great thing. I just wish you would comment more often :)

And now let's start with the news. The Perfect Game has finally gotten a legit release date. The new date is April 2th 2010. You can see this on the official site for the movie here! I have also heard some rumours saying that Ball Don't Lie is also coming out sometime in the Spring and that The Chameleon's french relase date has been delayed. The new date is sometime in the April. I've also heard that both The Chameleon and Ball Don't Lie have made deals with major american distributors. These are all rumours and once I know something official I'll let you know.

And now for the updates. I updated the LINKS section with 3 new Emilie fan sites. Go check them out :)
Emilie de Ravin Fan
Oh Emilie
Dedicated to Emilie

I also added a link to Remember Me in the PROJECTS section which takes you to the official Facebook page for the movie.


  1. I'll comment!! your site is the bomb! so love all your prompt updates. Happy 2010!