Friday, March 28, 2008

Onimusha news

As some of you might know Emilie was rumored to be in the upcoming Onimusha film. Apparently it wasn't just rumors. According to the article below she was going to be in the film. But the sad news is that the filming has been postponed and I have no idea if Emilie is going to be able to shoot the movie anymore. Thank's Lucy Pearl at FanForum for the article!

Onimusha is postponed for a long time. Which is really sad because the shooting was about to begin in June in China. The pre-production was over : 3D previz, storyboards, casting, sfx preparation, locations, stage designs... The casting was about to be revealed : Takeshi Kaneshiro, of course, but also Tsuyoshi Ihara (Letters from Iwo Jima), Satomi Ishihara and Emilie de Ravin (Claire in Lost).

The film was ready to shoot. So, what happened ?

Believe it or not, the first reason is linked to the tragic death of Heath Ledger on January 22th. Like everybody knows, Ledger was working on the new Terry Gilliam movie, which is produced by independent french producer Samuel Hadida (Resident Evil, Domino, Silent Hill, The Perfume, True Romance... and Onimusha !). The shooting of Dr Parnassus was stopped which forced Hadida to push back Onimusha a first time. But very soon the schedule of Takeshi Kaneshiro didn't matched anymore with the new shooting dates of Onimusha, because - as many asian actors - he shoots as many movies he can each year... and so was for the japanese cast of the movie. It was maybe possible to find another solution, another shooting dates for all the asian actors and Emily de Ravin, but there was still a problem for the casting of the second leading part of the movie, Jacob, which was american : the upcoming actors strike in June which is still not resolved !

All those problems put together leaded to one choice : Onimusha's shooting is postponed to an unknown date.


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