Monday, June 14, 2010

Teen Choice Awards - Nominations

Both Remember Me and Lost have been nominated in this years Teen Choice Awards. Remember Me has been nominated in the best drama (movie) category while Lost is nominated for best sci-fi tv show. You can vote for Lost and Remember Me here! The voting is currently closed for some reason but it should open soon.

Teen Choice Awards 2010 will take place 9th of August. Let's hope Emilie attends :)


  1. i'am not interested by this teens or mtv shows because it's just for teens but it's too bad that emilie is not nominated. i hope remember me and lost will win. if emilie will not be there, i will not see this show

  2. I hope Emilie goes 'cause of Remember Me and Lost! Emilie should have more teen fans. Teen favourites are always huge superstars :/