Friday, July 29, 2011

Love and Other Troubles - New set pics + Interviews

Sorry for being a little late with these. I've been aways for a few days.

Emilie was photographed on the set of LAOT. You can see Emilie's pics here! She look's good as a cowgirl :)

Emilie was also interviewed by a couple of magazines. Iltalehti posted a video of their interview on this website here! The magazine also interviewed Emilie's co-stars Ville Virtanen and Jussi Nikkilä. You can see their interviews here and here. The interviews with Emilie's co-stars are in finnish but you can see Emilie in the videos too. Emilie's co-stars say great things about Emilie in the videos. They say she's professional, nice, well prepared and that "it's a joy to work with her".

Emilie was also interviewed by Iltalehti. You can read the interview here!  The interview is in finnish. John from Dedicated to Emilie has translated the interview and you can read the translation here!

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