Sunday, October 25, 2009

Beard's Creek

Imdb is listing Beard's Creek as a new Emilie movie. Imdb is not the best source out there but Emilie was rumoured to be in this project early this year so this could be true. I haven't heard anything official and I can't access the info on imdb though. I was able to find one article about this. The article is a an interview with Tom Donahue who is an editor I think. It's from last March.

Question: What’s the psychological thriller about?

Donahue: It’s about three kids in Louisiana in the 1950s, who find a dead body. It’s kind of Stand By Me meets Night of the Hunter. It’s really, really well-written. I did not write it.

Question: Do you have a title?

Donahue: Yeah, it’s called Beard’s Creek.

Question: And a cast?

Donahue: It’s Stuart Townsend, who played Lestat in Interview with a Vampire and also, Emilie De Ravin, who’s one of the stars of Lost.

Question: Oh, that’s interesting and I presume it’s an indie.

Donahue: Oh, yeah. It’s like – you know, under – well, I shouldn’t say how much, but, under Hollywood budget.

Question: Are you going to try and get it ready in time for the festivals?

Donahue: Well, we’re still getting the finance – we lost the financing because of the financial crisis. And we’ll try to cobble it back together.

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