Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lost Premieres Tonight!

The 6th and last season of Lost premieres tonight on ABC. Don't forget to watch :)

Here's a little article of Claire by TvGuide to remind you of what's going on with her.

Lost Catch-Up: Where We Left Off with Claire Littleton


Where We Left Off: Near the end of Season 4, Claire survived an attack on New Otherton with Sawyer's help. Shortly thereafter, she abandoned baby Aaron and wandered off into the jungle night. When we last saw her, she was content to be chatting it up with her dead father in Jacob's cabin.

What's Next: Spoilery promo pics indicate that a very different, though familiar-looking Claire will show up this season — and she's packing heat. The Shephard-Littleton clan has one heck of a family reunion in store. Plus: Is she still mourning Chah-lie?

Burning Questions: Is Claire alive or dead? Where has she been? Will she ever learn that Jack is her half-brother? Will she reunite with Aaron?

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