Tuesday, February 23, 2010

'Lost' Star Emilie de Ravin On Claire's Hair, Furry Friends and Island Enemies

AOL Televison interview with Emilie talking about Lost. Watch out for Lost spoilers!

If the end of the third episode of this season of 'Lost,' titled 'What Kate Does,' made your jaw drop a little, you're not alone.

Just the sight of Claire Littleton -- our long lost 'Lost' friend -- was enough to inspire cheers. But Claire with a rifle, some old fatigues and seriously ratted out hair? Yikes.

I caught up with Emilie de Ravin on the set of 'Lost' in Oahu to find out how Claire is doing, mentally, this season on the Island. She also spilled a bit about her new furry friend, her old deceptive friend Locke (who we now know lovingly as Smocke) and the incestuous, Drive Shaft-filled twists and turns to come before the end.

Hey -- anything's possible on this show, right?

So Claire is crazy, huh?
[Laughs] In a nutshell, yes!

Funny you say the word "nutshell" because I've heard something about a squirrel baby ...
Mmmhmmm ... I've made myself a squirrel child out of squirrel bones and some kind of fur and little button eyes. He's real cute.

Obviously you can't just disappear with your father in that cabin for a full season and not have repercussions, so is this what's happened?

Yeah, she's been three years, living on her own, making her own housing and food and protecting herself. The only person she's had contact with as a friend is Locke -- who's not really Locke anymore. So any information that she's been given about what's going on with other people or the Island is from him. And there are maybe some things that are not the whole truth. He's led her to believe that the Others have her baby at the Temple, so that's been her whole plan this last three years, to get him back. Finding out that he's off the Island and Kate is bringing him up is just like a complete, complete shock to her. So there's an interesting relationship with Claire and Kate now -- a combination of animosity, to say the least, and also respect and thanks. So that's been fun playing with.

Kind of crazy to think that while Kate was raising Aaron, she was doing so with Jack, Claire's brother
[Laughs] Yes -- we're getting very incestuous on this show!

Well as long as Claire and Jack aren't the ones sleeping together and having the baby, I guess I'm OK with it ...
Oh, you didn't read the next episode? [Laughs] I wouldn't be surprised! That's the season finale.

Let's talk hair, because wow -- this is a wig, right?

Yeah, thank god, right? I probably would've shaved it off by now if this was done to my hair everyday.

It's very Rousseau-esque. Are we to assume Claire is just the new Rousseau of the Island?
In a respect. Their characters are very different. Traits are similar in a way, but [Claire] is still trying to figure out, at this point, what really is going on, what has happened in these three years, as opposed to just what she's been told. That point of realization -- like, hang on, maybe everything that's been embedded in my mind is not correct -- even though she's so sure about it.

So since you're the one playing it, do you think there's a way she can snap out of it? Or will Claire just end up on the Island still crazy?

I mean, the evolution this season for her character is sort of coming back to who Claire was. You know, she's still there, underneath it all, even though she's pretty damn loopy. There's still flickers of who Claire is and was, and maybe will be again. Or not.

Maybe all it would take is a Drive Shaft song and she'd be back to her old self!
Exactly! [Laughs] That'd be funny. 'Wait ... hang on!

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